Friday, January 05, 2007

Discographical Info

Some time ago the Brazilian recordings of Gastón Bueno Lobo were mentioned here to support the fact that he did not commit suicide after the break up of Les Loups in early 1931 as suggested by some sources. In fact, Lobo retuned to Brazil and continued his career as a musician, both as a staff musician at Rádio Mayrink Veiga until the beginning of 1937 and as a recording artist for Columbia in 1932 and for Odeon in 1938 together with Laurindo Almeida, further he participated in a recording for Victor in 1932 on two sides made by an ensemble named Os Namorados da Lua, probably featuring guitaris Rogério Guimãres as leader. According to info in Ary Vasconcelos’ book on Brazilian music Carinhoso etc. (História e Inventário do Choro) (1984) Lobo passed away in 1939, the circumstances untold. Whether he did commit suicide or not, is still an unsolved question, but let us stay with facts here only and leave speculations on Lobo's biographical fate to others. Thus, below I'll add a list of the Brazilian recordings featuring Bueno Lobo.
GASTAO BUENO LOBO ( GUITARRA HAVAIANA ): Gaston Bueno Lobo (hawg), prob. Rogério Guimãres (g)
- 381231 CONFESION – Tango – ( E.S. Discepolo – L.C. Amadori ) - COLUMBIA 22.119-A
- 381231 LA CUMPARSITA – Tango – (G.H.M. Rodrigues – P. Contursi – E. Maroni ) - COLUMBIA 22.119-B
Released Brazil prob. Early or mid 1932
GASTAO BUENO LOBO (GUITARRA): Gaston Bueno Lobo (g), Fernando de Castro Barbosa, voc on 381289
- 381288 NOITE AZUL – Valsa – (Valdo de Abreu – Gastao Bueno Lobo) - COLUMBIA 22.140-A
- 381289 MACIO – Choro – (Gastao Bueno Lobo) - COLUMBIA 22.140-B
Released Brazil July 1932
GASTAO BUENO LOBO (GUITARRA): Gaston Bueno Lobo (g), Moacir Bueno Rocha (voc)
- 381321 OLHOS PASSIONAIS – Fox-Cancao – (Gastao Bueno Lobo - De Chocolat) - COLUMBIA 22.162-A
- 381322 A ABELHA E A FLOR - Valsa – (Guilherme Pereira – Orestes Barbosa) - COLUMBIA 22.162-B
Released Brazil December 1932
- 381366 SONHO QUE PASSOU – Valsa – (Gastao Bueno Lobo – Jaci Pereira) - COLUMBIA 22.170-A
- 381367 LUIZINHA – Choro – (Henrique Vogeler) - COLUMBIA 22.170-B
Released Brazil December 1932
OS NAMORADOS DA LUA, prob. GB Lobo hawg, unknown g, b, man, rec. 09/04/1932
- mx ? LÁBÍOS RUBROS - choro - (Aldo Taranto) - VICTOR 33549-A
- mx ? PAMPEIA - toada - (Gastão Lobo - Rogério Guimarães) - VICTOR 33549-B
Released Brazil May 1932
GASTAO BUENO LOBO ( GUITARRA HAVAIANA ): Gaston Bueno Lobo (hawg), Laurindo Almeida (g), Tute (g) Rec. 20/05/1938
- 5844 INSPIRACAO – Choro – ( Laurindo de Almeida ) - ODEON 11649-B
Released Brazil Oct. 1938.
- 5843 SAUDADE QUE PASSA - choro - ( Laurindo de Almeida ) - ODEON 11649-A
has same personnel, but from audial evidence GB Lobo is not featured on hawg, Laurindo Almeida is mentioned as both interpreter and composer.
The above recordings are so far the known Brazilian sides featuring Gastón Bueno Lobo, info on the COLUMBIA and ODEON recordings supplied from the Funarte online discography
The VICTOR recordings by OS NAMORADOS DA LUA are not registered in the Funarte database, the info above supplied from the discographical notes at the IMS online facility