Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hawayanita - The Recording Debut of Les Loups

In December 1927 Les Loups recorded the duo's first 78 rpm for the Victor label, the disc contained two compositions by Gastón Bueno Lobo - the A-side had the tango Hawayanita, the B-side had the valtz Criollita. The disc was recorded in Buenos Aires c. 10 Dec, 1927, and had the catalog nummer
Victor 79968 on the label.

The transcribed music of Hawayanita was later added lyrics by Reinaldo Baudino and the sheet was published crediting both G.B Lobo and O.M. Alemán as composers of the music.

The disc has G.B. Lobo playing lead on Hawaiian guitar, while Alemán provides solid acompaniment on regular guitar - enjoy the tune Hawayanita from the uploaded audio at YouTube: