Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sweet Georgia Brown - Dulce Georgia Brown

 Ben Bernie and his orchestra did the first recording of Sweet Georgia Brown on March 19, 1925. Bernie was the co-composer of this jazz standard. Ben Bernie (1891 - 1943), was an American jazz violinist and radio personality, often introduced as The Old Maestro. He was noted for his showmanship and memorablebits of snappy dialogue
 Here's Ben Bernie's original recording of Sweet Georgia Brown from a Soundie, uploaded at YouTube
 Oscar Alemán recorded the tune with its Spanish title, Dulce Georgia Brown, first time with his initial Quinteto de Swing in the first session for Odeon recorded on Nov 21th, 1941, and issued on the B-side of Odeon 45780. Personnel are: Guillermo Hernán Oliva v, Oscar Alemán vo g,, Dario “El Johnny” Quaglia g, Andrés Alvarez b, Ramón M. Caravaca dm. - The audio of this recording has been uploaded at YouTube and is inserted below
 Next time Alemán made a studio recording of Dulce Georgia Brown was on Nov.12th, 1954 with his Conjunto: Alberto A. Barbera p, Oscar Alemán dir g vo, A Aldo “Nene” Nicolini b, José Ragusa dm + ? perc - This recording was issued on Odeon 74247A and is played in a faster tempo than the first recording of the tune by the Quinteto from 1941. It is one of the first recordings for Odeon where Alemán uses amplified guitar, and judging from the audio he has complete control of sound and technique and moreover he gets the chance to play solo almost all the way through the arrangement. His vocal scat singing is unison with the guitar in one of the choruses, and his soloing on this recording belongs to one of his best ever recorded i.m.o. - Enjoy the audio from an uploaded video take at YouTube