Saturday, May 05, 2018

Limehouse Blues - Alemán's 1938 Solo Transcribed

Original sheet (Wikipedia)
Limehouse Blues was composed 1922 by Philip Braham and had lyrics by Douglas Furber. The song soon became popular after having its debut in a 1924 Broadway show, countless artists and musicians have since added Limehouse Blues to their standard repertoire. The instrumental version of the song occurs to have been the most enduring, here I'll focus on Oscar Alemán's great recording of the tune December 1938 from the famous Danish jamsession featuring Henry Hagemann (cl,ts), Svend Asmussen (vln), Oscar Aleman (g solo), Helge Jacobsen (g) Alfred Rasmussen (b) Bibi Miranda (d) 

Recently the Seattle-based guitarist and composer Greg Ruby has initiated a project devoted to transcribing music recorded by Oscar Alemán. His first published transcription is the solo played by Alemán in the 1938 version of Limehouse Blues shown above. A video was recorded to show it played by Greg Ruby

According to Greg Ruby's website, the Oscar Alemán project will be expanding "... to include more solos, more arrangements and everything Oscar Aleman for bandleaders, guitar players and music lovers to use and appreciate." Learn more and sign up for the newsletter at Greg's website, if this project has caught your interest. More info about The Oscar Alemán play-along book, here