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Gaston Bueno Lobo 1932 and 1938 Recordings - 1

Oscar Alemán and the Brazilian guitarist, Gaston Bueno Lobo, teamed as a duo act, Les Loups, around 1926, toured Argentina and Brasil, recorded for the Victor label in Buenos Aires, were featured on radio and at theatres as a special act playing tangos, fox and waltzes on stringed instruments. Bueno Lobo usually used the guitar in the Hawaiian mode, playing slide, while Oscar would add elaborate accompaniment on the six stringed instrument played conventionally. In 1928 Les Loups teamed with Harry Flemmings revue company, went on tour in Europe early 1929 for the next two years and were again featured as a special act.
Early 1931 Les Loups quit Flemming's unit and were left on their own in Spain, where they tried to survive playing gigs and street corners. At some point Oscar and Bueno Lobo agreed to split hoping to increase chances getting a steady job on their own. Bueono Lobo went to Paris, France, to do audition for a job as a guitarist with Josephine Baker's orchestra, but he did not get the job - Oscar got it instead, we know. - From this point on the biography and fate of Bueno Lobo is wailed in claire obscure. We are told in Hernán Gaffet's documentary on Oscar Alemán, 'Una vida con Swing' (2002), that Bueno Lobo returned to Brasil and committed suicide after beeing neglected by the star of stars in Europe at that time, a fact that would haunt Oscar for the rest of his own life, when he learned about Bueno Lobo's ill fate. However, Gaffét's documentary does not unwail, when
Bueno Lobo committed suicide - it was certainly not within the first couple of years after returning to Brasil.
After doing some discographical research on Brazilian guitar recordings, I found out that Bueno Lobo recorded in 1932 and 1938 in Brasil. - Bueno Lobo cut two sides for Columbia in 1932, continueing the style of Les Loups:

Columbia, 22119A: Confesión (e. s. discepolo; l. c. amadori) (tango)Columbia, 22119B: La Cumparsita (e. maroni; g. h. m. rodrigues; p. contursi)(tango)

Bueno Lobo is playing the Hawaiian slide lead guitar accompanied by an unknown, but very skilled guitarist, who might be Rogério Guimarães. Rogério Guimarães co-worked with Lobo as a composer and guitarist in another setting, also in 1932, as documented on a recording for Victor on 09/04/32. - This recording was made by a small string ensemble, named Os Namorados da Lua, possibly consisting of members of bandolim player Luperce Miranda's conjunto, the regular group that guitarist Guimarães joined at that time . Bueno Lobo is accompanied by guitarist Guimarães, unknown double bass player, unknown seven string
guitarist, unknown bandolim and percussion on:

Victor, 33549A: Lábios Rubros (aldo taranto) (choro)
Victor, 33549B: Pampeira (gastão lobo; rogério guimarães) (toada)

In 1938 Bueno Lobo has teamed with top notch guitarist Laurindo Almeida on a recording for Odeon that was cut on 20/05/1938. Both sides of the 78 rpm have a composition by Almeida, but only the B-side features Bueno Lobo on Hawaiian slide guitar:

Odeon, 11649B: Inspiração (laurindo de almeida) (choro)
Odeon, 11649A: Saudade Que Passa (laurindo de almeida) (valsa)

Both sides are with a string ensemble consisting of six and seven string guitar, bandolim and percussion - only Almeida and Bueno Lobo are mentioned in the discographical info available.- The details for this small research have been provided by consulting the webside of Instituto Moreira Salles of Rio de Jainero, see


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I read your news about Lobo's 1938 recordings. If your story is true it would put Oscar's story about the suicide in another view. I'll study it.
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