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Tengo Ritmo

Oscar Aleman y su Quinteto de Swing became a famous group in the 1940s after returning to Argentina from Europe that suffered from war. Their appearances in venues and on the radio made him very popular in the South America. In Europe and the USA we didn't knew about this popularity of Oscar Aleman due to the lack of commnunication thanks to the war. One of the tunes he made popular was Tengo Ritmo, written by George and Ira Gershwin and better known by their English title I Got Rhythm.

The group Hot Club de Boedo founded and directed by Waldo Fonseca plays these hits of Oscar Aleman in theatres and venue all over Buenos Aires to save Oscar's legacy and that of his violin player Guillermo Hernan Oliva for the young adults.

Waldo sent me a fragment of a performance in Buenos Aires where he and his group Hot Club de Boedo performs this Aleman classic tune. Waldo plays the guitar, Heldo Fonseca the clarinet, Martin Lopez on rhythm guitar and Julian Pierengeli bass guitar. The recording might have been made recently. Thanks for sharing Waldo.

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Hans Koert

Fundado en Buenos Aires por el guitarrista Waldo Fonseca, tiene como premisa difundir el estilo de jazz que popularizaron en el Río de la Plata Oscar Alemán, Hernán Oliva y Eduardo Ravera. Desde el año 2000 viene organizando junto con organismos oficiales y privados conciertos, charlas y una intensa actividad docente con el objeto de preservar esta particular estética. Waldo Fonseca: guitarra y dirección; Heldo Fonseca:clarinete; Martín López Goitía:guitarra y Julián Pierángeli:contrabajo


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Thanks a lot to Waldo for sharing these video performance of "Tengo Ritmo" by Hot Club de Boedo - a great band that plays in Oscar's style and keeps his music well alive. A thrill to recognize Oscar's concept of "I Got Rhythm" in the group's performance.


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