Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Les Loups - La Cumparsita

Les Loups - Gastón Bueno Lobo & Oscar Alemán - recorded their version of the famous tango, 'La Cumparsita' by G.Matos Rodriguez, for the Victor company in August 1928. The recording was issued on a Victor 78 rpm (Victor 80936) with this title on side A (mx 44252-1) and on the flip side was a recording of the waltz 'Nadando en mar de rosas' (mx 44253-2), a composition by Les Loups. The recording is a true collectors item and has recently been on auction at eBay.

The tango 'La Cumparsita' is one of the most famous all-time favorites in this genre, you may learn more about the story of the composition clicking here

La Cumparsita has been around 90 years this year and is celebrated in Argentina and elsewhere - below I insert a video performance from a TV show by guitarist Cesar Amaro playing this famous piece.



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feliz de haber encontrado algo tan importante como momentos importantes para el señor Oscar Aleman..

saludos gracias.

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