Friday, July 20, 2007

Oscar Aleman Uñero

Oscar Aleman, the Argentine guitar player, has a special place in our hearts. With the Oscar Aleman web log and websites we hope to please the true admirers of his music. The Oscar Aleman Discography can be of help for record collectors if they are searching for a special recording. If we have news about Oscar Aleman you will read it here !!
I found an interesting picture that was titled Oscar Aleman - Uñero and it looks like a kind of ring. As my knowledge of the Spanish language is marginal I used the Español-Ingéls Diccionario and learned that the word Uñero has several meanings: 1. Whitlow. 2. Ingrowing toenail 3. Thumb notch. (How did he come up with such things? Find out yourself, I'd suggest !!). None of it seems suitable with this image. Even my always-on-the-other-side-of-the-line Argentine friend and oracle Luis didn't knew the word. The word Uñeta, however, means in Chile plectrum, so we decided that this ring should be the thumb plectrum of Oscar Aleman
To prove our point I enlarged part of the first image, where you can see Oscar Aleman playing his guitar. You can see the plectrum or Uñero around the thumb of his right hand.
This contribution was also posted as part of the Keep swinging web log.
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Hans Koert


Blogger Jo said...

Thanks a lot, Hans, for this contribution on a subject that may seem of minor interest. However, the thump plectra was a crucial tool to achieve the maximum effect of Oscar's playing style. Thus, it only seems reasonable that he had a silver ring made fitting the use as a thump pick. - Actually, I had a friend earlier that also had a ring made in the shape of a thump pick - always at hand, then, when playing the guitar was needed!


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