Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hot Club de Boedo

One of the most active groups in playing the music of Oscar Aleman in Buenos Aires and surroundings seems to be the Hot Club de Boedo. These four active musicians are Waldo Fonseca at the solo guitar, Martin Lopez Goitia on the rhythm guitar, Heldo Fonseca clarinet and Julian Pierangeli at the bass.
They play in the style of the Hot Club de France, in Argentina represented by the legendary group of Oscar Alemán y su Quinteto de Swing, that featured Oscar Aleman on the guitar, Hernan Oliva on the violin, Dario Quaglia rhythm guitar, Andres Alvarez bass and Ramon M. Caravaca drums. This famous group played in the Hot Club style and made 5 records for Odeon Argentina in 1941 and 1942 before Hernan Oliva left the band. These two men: Oscar Aleman and Hernan Oliva were a great couple in music, but had strong ambivalent characters which caused a break off.

This band wants to play tribute to the three legendary Argentine musicians Oscar Aleman, Hernan Oliva and Eduardo Ravera. On Thursday the 14th of October 2007 they will give a concert at the Salón de la Unión Vecinal Liniers Sud, in Buenos Aires to remember the day that Oscar Aleman passed away 27 years ago. Special guest will be Guillermo Lancelotti Izquierdo, a trumpet player.

This summer the band gave some concerts in honor of Hernan Oliva and I found some fragments from a double concert they gave with the Ensamble Typhoon de la Escuela de Oficios Musicales which is directed by Heldo Fonseca, the clarinet player of The Hot Club de Boedo. I love to share with you two fragments by the Hot Club de Boedo, playing some tunes:

Rosa Madreselva ( Honeysuckle Rose)

Diga Diga Doo

The Typhoon Ensemble of the School of Music plays a very basic version of Ritmo Loco ( Crazy Rhythm ) and it is good to learn that these young people are enjoying playing this great music.

Please visit the Hot Club de Boedo web log.
This contribution will also be posted at the Oscar Aleman Web Log

Keep swinging

Hans Koert


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