Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Sometimes, when listening to and watching higly skilled contemporary guitarists in any given genre of music, I cannot stop wandering, if the unique technique of playing the guitar developed by Oscar Alemán has disappeared from the world's music scene with his passing away in 1980. However, once in a while I hear fragments reminding me of Oscar's genius - for instance when watching and listening to the excellent tango guitar duo, shown below. Just recently I noticed the following videos uploaded at YouTube featuring the Faggiano Duo - Matias & Augustin Faggiano.

Enjoy the duo in a performance of the tango "Viejos tiempos" by Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Lepera

On this special day, the 99th anniversary of Oscar Alemán, it's a thrill to learn that Alemán's conception of the swing standard "I Got Rhythm" by Gershwin has survived in the Faggiano Duo's performance of the tune. Hope you to enjoy this performance of "Tengo Ritmo"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jo, remembering Oscar's 99th birthday. I'm going to play some of his records today ... that's the best we can do, isn't it ....... VERY LOUD !!

Keep swinging


10:36 AM  
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