Thursday, May 26, 2011

Primer Festival de Jazz Oscar Alemán

Earlier this month the Culture Department of Lanús (Argentina) organized the city's first jazzfestival in honor of Oscar Alemán. Lanús is a town where Oscar Alemán lived with his wife, the actress Carmen Vallejos, during a period of ten years. The festival was scheduled at the 8th of May and had presence of various bands. Special guest performer was Jorgelina Alemán - grandniece of Oscar Alemán - with her band. The festival was a success with the audience and finished with the presentation of an official tribute to Oscar Alemán from the Mayor of Lánus.

Singer Jorgelina Alemán and her band closed the festival. Her band members are her husband Daniel Cossarini (piano,director), Juan Martinez (guitar), Ezequiel Rivas (bass), Willy Bozas (drums) and special guest Juan Manuel Miguez (guitar) - great grandson of Oscar Alemán. The concert by Jorgelina and band included performance of tunes from both her own and Oscar's repertoire and was a great success with the audience.

The actress Carmen Vallejos, Oscar's widow, was present at the concert and was called on stage to recollect memories of the time, when she and Oscar lived in Lanús. She entertained the audience with humourous anecdotes and received appreciation and a big applause.

To finish, the Director of Culture, José During representing the mayor, Dr. Darío Díaz Pérez, gave Carmen Vallejos a plaque in tribute to Oscar Alemán, the official appreciation of the city of Lanús.

It's great to learn that the name and legacy of Oscar Alemán is appreciated and honored in Argentina through events like the 'Primer Festival de Jazz Oscar Alemán' in Lanús.

Thanks to Daniel Cossarini and Jorgelina Alemán for sharing photos and info used in this entry.
Some of the photos above were shot by Claudio Martinez.



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