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A Danish HMV catalogue

On the 5th of December, 1938 Oscar Alemán and Bibi Miranda recorded with Svend Asmussen and his Quartet two sides, which would become known and labeled as the Jam Session. Two other solo recordings by Oscar Alemán were released on HMV too.
The 1938 Danish recording band: f.l.t.r. Leo Mathisen piano, Bibi Miranda drums, Svend Asmussen violin, Oscar Aleman guitar
In a previous blog about this special recording session and in a contribution entitled Jam Session I wrote about this recording session: In 1938 he ( =Oscar Alemán) visited Copenhagen with the Josephine Baker revue and some members of the Baker Boys like Bibi Miranda, who was the drummer. The other musicians for the band were selected in Denmark; members of the Svend Asmussen Quartet - a promising young group in the Copenhagen jazz scene. When the show was over, Josephine left for Stockholm, the next stop of the tour, but Oscar and Bibi stayed in Copenhagen for some days and joined Svend, who invited them to be present at a recording session on the 5th of December. Both Oscar and Bibi joined the band during the recordings in a jam session which was later released on Danish HMV as a Danish Jam Session. Oscar played two solo tunes, he also performed on stage: Nobody's Sweetheart and Whispering. ( Hans Koert)
Danish HMV catalogue ( 1939) ( collection Rene Aagaard)
Thanks to René Aagaard I can share with you part of a 1939 Danish HMV catalogue with those two records listed. The Danish text reads (in translation):
In Josephine Baker's ensemble you noticed - during the visit last Fall - especially the guitar-player Oscar Aleman and the percussionist Bibi Miranda - the last one you also will remember with joy from Ciro Rimac's Cuban Orchestre in Nørrebros Teater (a theater in Copenhagen). (translation: Rene Aagaard)
Septeto Anacaona with Ciro Rimac ( late 1930s)

Ciro Rimac was the leader of a group entitled Septeto Anacaona, a seven-piece, all-girl band which was very popular during the late 1930s in South America and which visited Denmark ..... It was a string band with some woodwind instruments. According to the catalogue Bibi Miranda performed as a percussionist during the Danish tour. Ciro Rimac, who was the vocalist, was an international star and the protégée of Cab Calloway.
Part of a reissue cd by Ciro Rimac musical legacy.

The catalogue continued ( in translation): Her you will find a record by these two jazzmusicians, who's superior musicality probably will bring their names out to all interested in jazz. (translation: Rene Aagaard)
An interesting book about the Septet Anacaona was released in German Anacaona. aus dem Leben einer kubanischen Musikerin - Alicia Castro (2002) and Dutch: Anacaona: Het bewogen leven van een Cubaanse muzikante en haar salsaband - Alicia Castro (2006) informs about its career.
Thanks Rene for sharing this great part of the 1939 Danish HMV catalogue
Hans Koert
Oscar Alemán discography


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