Sunday, November 29, 2015

An Updated Oscar Alemán Discography Is Now Available

Until recently the most complete discography of Oscar Alemán's recorded legacy has been Hans Koert's online discography, available here.  However, now my friend Andrés 'Tito' Liber has revised and updated a new version of the discography incorporating new info previously unavailable. The result of this magnificent work has been uploaded in four parts at the web blog of Hot Club de Boedo, and you may have access to the data following these links:

Part 1, here, Part 2, here,  Part 3, here, Part 4, here -  Cick on the single uploaded page to enlarge the text.

I'll take time to have a closer look at the listed data compared to those already available at Hans Koert's web. Unfortunately, the data at Hans Koert's online discography cannot be changed or extended with new info, as the supplier of the website has stopped operating. As a consequence, I suggest that researchers of Alemán's recorded legacy consult the mentioned discography by Andrés 'Tito' Liber to have the latest updated info.

Thanks a lot to 'Tito' Liber for his work and enthusiasm, and thanks also to Waldo Fonseca of Hot Club de Boedo for uploading the discography and make it free accessible for the public.

'Tito' Liber and Waldo Fonseca


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