Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rosita Quiroga Featuring Les Loups

Some time ago I had a request for info on a 78 rpm Victor disc registered in the DAHR online discography list of recordings by female tango singer Rosita Quiroga.
Rosita Quiroga
The original Victor disc by Rosita Quiroga has the following data available in the DAHR discography: Victor 80840A featuring the composition Mis pobres ilusiones with music by Gastón Bueno Lobo and Oscar Alemán, lyrics by Enrique D. Cadicamo and the musical genre is listed as a waltz. This recording has the matrix no. BAVE-44060, and take 1 was used for the issue at the Victor 80840 disc. Further is stated in the discography that the recording features female vocal solo, with guitars. However, the names of participating guitarists are not mentioned which apparently was not unusual at the time. I wondered if the anonymous guitarists in fact could be GB Lobo and Alemán, as they already had a recording contract with Victor as the Les Loups duo - and of course because the music is credited to the names of both of them. Unfortunately, the disc seemed to be lost, then it would only be a 'clever guess' to assume the participation of Les Loups in the recording, I realized. Luckily, with the kind help of a collector, Sr.Ramón Hernández Gutiérrez, the audio of Mis pobres ilusiones has now unearthed and is inserted below to confirm the participation of Les Loups in the recording, and Sr.Ramón Hernández Gutiérrez has further clarified the actual date of the recording as May 2nd 1928.

This recording of Mis pobres ilusiones leaves me no doubt about the participating guitarists. The hawaiian steel guitar intro and playing behind Quiroga's vocal and the elaborate accompaniment by the second conventional guitar reveal the style of Les Loups well known from the duo's performance throughout their own issued output by Victor.

The B-side of Victor 80840, recorded at the same session on May 2nd 1928, contains a composition by Luiz Viapiana and J.M. Gonzáles with lyrics by Enrique D. Cadicamo, a tango titled Mal rumbeada. The matrix no. is BAVE-44061, and take 2 was used for the Victor 80840 issued disc. The info about participating musicians again only states female vocal solo, with guitars, but I am sure that the accompaniment of guitars is by Les Loups after listening to the audio, which now is available with the kind help from Sr.Ramón Hernández Gutiérrez. The audio is  inserted below to let you enjoy an excellent performance of this tango by Rosita Quiroga accompanied by Les Loups 



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