Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oscar Alemán And Svend Asmussen - 1938

On the occasion of Svend Asmussen's 100th birthday today, I'll mark this event here by revisiting his great recordings with Oscar Alemán in 1938, made in Copenhagen on December 5th. The story about this record session has been thoroughly recounted by Hans Koert in a 2005 article, available here
HMV (Dk) X 6212 - Sweet Sue
The session feat. Alemán and Asmussen from December 5th, 1938 was recorded on HMV (Dk) X 6212, musicians participating were: Henry Hagemann (cl ts), Svend Asmussen (v), Oscar Alemán (solo g), Helge Jacobsen (g), Alfred Rasmussen (b) and  Bibi Miranda (dm) - The A-side of the record (OCS-1083-2) had a great version of Sweet Sue including marvellous solo work by both Alemán and Asmussen - enjoy it below!

HMV (Dk) X 6212 - Limehouse Blues
The B-side of HMV (Dk) x 6212 had a version of Limehouse Blues (OCS-1084-2) by the same ensemble - enjoy it below!

If you like to listen to more examples of recordings from Svend Asmussen's long career, I have uploaded several at the keep(it)swinging blog , here 


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