Monday, February 15, 2016

Oscar Alemán Blogspot 10 Years!

On February 13 2006, Hans Koert, the initiator and creator of the El Redescubrimiento de Oscar Alemán/The Rediscovery of Oscar Alemán Projectuploaded the first entry at this blog inviting readers to share information about Oscar Alemán (1909-1980).Hans Koert also invited me as his co-editor of the blog and we both contributed with new entries until Hans - due to his severe disease - decided to let me take over as the main editor in March 2014. The aim of the articles presented at the blog has been to collect info about Oscar Alemán and to share this material with readers and researchers of everything concerning the subject, this way hoping to expand our knowledge of the legacy of Oscar Alemán. Nearly 200 entries have been posted and the  number of visits to the blog has reached more than 158000 during the past ten years. As editor and contributor of the blog it's a thrill to learn that the work invested here has not been in vain. I sincerelly thank for the interest and support from the regular readers of the blog. The Oscar Alemán blog will continue to present new entries for as long as there is information of interest to share with you readers, I promise!

Jorgen Larsen, editor


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Jorgen,
All the links have worked for me.
Thanks for keeping up the good work!
With kind reagards,

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