Sunday, September 18, 2016

Rosita Quiroga & Les Loups - Victor Disc Labels

Rosita Quiroga
Some time ago the uncertainty regarding the participation of Les Loups in the May 2nd 1928 recording of Mis pobres ilusiones by Rosita Quiroga for Victor was ruled by audio documentation kindly forwarded by a keen record collector, Sr.Ramón Hernández Gutiérrez. Now another collector, Sr. Sergio del Río Macias, has kindly forwarded the scans of the original Victor 80840 disc as further evidence of the participation of Les Loups in Mis pobres ilusiones - the info at the label clearly informs that Rosita Quiroga is accompanied by Les Loups.
Victor 80840-A, Mis pobres ilusiones
The audio of Mis pobres ilusiones was uploaded at YouTube and is inserted below to fix previously missing links

The B-side of Victor 80840, recorded at the same session on May 2nd 1928, contains a composition by Luiz Viapiana and J.M. Gonzáles with lyrics by Enrique D. Cadicamo, a tango titled Mal rumbeada. The label of the original disc does not state the participation of Les Loups, just the common info used at the time: Solo con Guitarras. However, the audio of Mal rumbeada does not leave me doubt about the participation of Les Loups - Alemán provides the elaborate obligato and solo spots while GB Lobo takes care of the rhythm accompaniment. Both label and audio from YouTube video inserted below.
Victor 80840-B, Mal rumbeada
Here is the audio of Mal rumbeado from the uploaded YouTube video

Thanks to keen collectors of historically important records like the mentioned Victor disc 80840 by Rosita Quiroga the early recording career of Oscar Alemán has now been further documented by solid facts. This is highly valuable information to avoid undocumented myths and falsification of history.


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