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Odeon 45787 A - Oscarinadas
Oscar Alemán had composed a swing riff tune titled Oscarinadas, which probably was intended to be the signature tune of his Quinteto de Swing when his contract with Odeon started in November 1941. However, the recording of Oscarinadas was not made during the first session for Odeon, but had to wait for the second, which was scheduled at January 8, 1942. Two titles were recorded in this session and issued at Odeon 45787, the A-side had the recording of Oscarinadas (mx 11697), while the B-side had the recording of De Humor (In The Mood). Below is inserted the audio of Oscarinadas from January 8, 1942 by Oscar Alemán y su Quinteto de Swing.

This recording of Oscainadas has some inspired guitar playing by Alemán and Hernán Oliva also gets his chance to show off in a well balanced violin solo. However, it was probably the B-side of Odeon 45787 which attracted the record buying public most - De Humor/In The Mood was already an international hit since the recording by Glen Miller had spread worldwide at the time of the Odeon release by Alemán's first quintet. Alemán recorded the same two titles in his last session for Odeon scheduled at June 17, 1957 featuring his Orquesta de Jazz. The recording of Oscarinadas was released as the B-side of Odeon 74347 while De Humor/In The Mood was at the A-side. Below is inserted the recording of Oscarinadas (mx 22110) by Alemán y su Orquesta de Jazz 

The tempo of Oscarinadas is faster in this 1957 version of the tune, the ensemble with violins in front almost steals the show, but nonetheless Alemán's guitar solo is inspired and has some technically very sophisticated details  which alone make this last recording for Odeon remarkable and memorable. This version of the tune leaves the impression of a master guitar player signing off the contract with Odeon by contributing a lasting personal imprint on the recording. - Alemán did not record Oscarinadas again, but the tune was part of his setlist during live performance featuring the Cinco Caballeros, an example from Radio el Mundo,  September 2, 1965 has been saved and is inserted below to end this



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