Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bye, Bye Blues - Blues del Adios

Original sheet music
Bye Bye Blues is a popular jazz standard written by Fred Hamm, Dave Bennett, Bert Lown, and Chauncey Gray and published in 1925. Bert Lown and his Hotel Biltmore Orchestra had a hit with the band's recording of the well known tune in 1930

Numerous bands and artists have recorded their versions of Bye, Bye Blues, here's Cab Calloway and his orchestra's recording from 1940

Oscar Alemán y su Quinteto de Swing recorded Bye, Bye Blues as Blues del Adios on November 4th, 1942 for Odeon in the last session featuring the original formation of Alemán's initial quintet: Aleman (ldr,g solo); Hernán Oliva (v); Andrés Álvarez (b); Ramón M. Caravaca (d); Darío Quaglia (rh g). The recording was issued on Odeon 45826 A (- NB! credits for composer(s) of Blues del Adios are mislabeled as Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields, Johnson at the original Odeon label and in the online OA discography)
Odeon 45826 A_Blues del Adios
Here's the audio of this recording from uploaded video at You Tube

Alemán had Bye, Bye Blues as part of his setlist when performing with his Cinco Caballeros in radio and TV live shows during the 1960s, here's an example from late 1965 in a live airshot from Radio el Mundo

As mentioned above, Bye, Bye Blues is a popular standard performed by numerous bands and artists. To end this small presentation of the tune on the date of Alemán's passing away 37 years ago, I'll insert yet another version of the music as performed by a trio named O Petit Swing



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