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Gaston Bueno Lobo 1932-1938 recordings - 2

Sustaining the suggestion that there has been a co-operation between Gaston Bueno Lobo and Laurindo Almeida during the late 1930s is a recording by vocalist Roberto Paiva, cut by Odeon in 1939 (Odeon, 11848), issued 1940. The A-side of this 78 rpm has a composition by GB Lobo & L Almeida, Se recordar é viver. - The recording is accessable online at the IMS web, the accompanying music of Paiva's vocal does not seem to feature stringed instruments besides a double bass; the vocalist is accompanied by brass, piano, clarinet, double bass and light percussion, so neither Almeida nor Lobo are participating in the recording,

I think. Anyway, it's interesting to know that Lobo and Almeida actually had a co-work as composers.

picture: Laurindo Almeida

Let's hope we can clear up this: what happened with Gaston Bueno Lobo early 1930s after he returned to Brasil !!

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Blogger Jorgen said...

If some of our readers are interested in helping us investigating the Almeida-Lobo supposed co-operation in the late 1930'ies, I'll add a link to a web ressource with search facilities on Brazilian discography. If the link doesn't work from here, try to copy & paste to your browser's address line. - The link is the following:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Hans: I'm afraid you know much more than I do.
I only have his recordings with Oscar.
Best regards,
Guillermo Iacona

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Blogger Jorgen said...

Daniella Thompson, who is the editor of The Magazine of Brazilian Music & Culture, has confirmed the partnership between Lobo and Almeida and points to the same recording mentioned in our entry. Further, Daniella Thompson informs that Lobo was employed at Rádio Mayrink Veiga in Rio de Janeiro in the early '30'ies (and maybe later). This is possibly where Lobo and Almeida met and started a partnership, as Almeida also was employed as a studiomusician at the same radio station during the 1930'ies. - Furthermore Daniella Thompson informs that Lobo cut 10 sides in the 1930'ies, most of them around 1932, but also the two sides with Almeida from May 1938. - However, Daniella Thompson gives no info regarding Lobo's date of death and the circumstances, thus, this question is still open and without an answer.


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Blogger Daniella Thompson said...

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Blogger Daniella Thompson said...

Lobo recorded only nine sides in Brazil, according to the Funarte discography. The tenth side indicated in that discography is Roberto Paiva's recording of "Se Recordar É Viver," co-authored by Lobo and Laurindo de Almeida.

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