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Oscar Aleman in Copenhagen published

Oscar Aleman in Copenhagen

Copenhagen July 2005

Last summer Theo van de Graaff, Joergen Larsen and I joined the 2005 IAJRC Convention in Copenhagen. We made a presentation about the music of Oscar Aleman and especially about his 1930 Copenhagen recordings, he made with Svend Asmussen. It was a great honour to meet Mr. Asmussen and to talk with him about these recordings. With a lot of humour he remembered his old friend Oscar Aleman he met late 1930s in Copenhagen and Paris and mid 1950s in Buenos Aires. His story and the historical facts made me write this article. It is to read at

El Artículo 'Oscar Alemán En Copenhagen' ha sido publicado en 'The Journal' de IAJRC (Asociación Internacional de Coleccionistas de Discos de Jazz). El verano pasado theo van de Graaf, Joergen Larsen y yo nos encontramos en la convención 2005 de IAJRC en Copenhagen. Hicimos la presentación acerca de la música de Oscar Alemán y especialmente acerca de las grabaciones de 1930 que hizo con Sven Asmussen. Fué un gran honor conocer al Sr. Asmussen y hablar de estas grabaciones. Con gran sentido de humor recordaba a Oscar Aleman, a quién volvió a encontrar a fines de los 30's en Copenhagen y luego a mediados de los 50's en Buenos Aires. Su historia y los hechos históricos me impulsaron a escribir este artículo. Está disponible ara bajarlo en ingles y español en:

Traduccion en español: Luis Contijoch


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Hans,
I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Oscar Aleman in the IAJRC journal.
I remember when I got hooked on Oscar. I got hooked on jazz when I was about 14 (in 1949, a few years before the LP era). Anyway , I heard some 1934-1935 Fats Waller and his rhythm sides. There was a trumpeter on those sides named Bill Coleman whom I loved. I couldn't get those European sides he did until the late fifties or sixties. Those sides are priceless. I listened to them and when I heard the Joe Louis Stomp, Oscar jumped out. I don't know how long it took, but I finally got two Alelman LP's (T.O.M.). Since then I have picked up 2 CD"s, one of which has much of the LP sides.
I 'd be interested in any other Aleman recordings that might be available in Europe. I'd also be interested in your discography. I have Evensmo's solography.

Jim Heymann ( USA)

4:28 PM  

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