Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oscar and Django - a story

The fact, published in my last post, according the Oscar Aleman track that concludes the integral Django Reinhardt recordings, made me to remember the following small story:

One story tells us how Oscar Aleman was dining at Pigalle’s La Cloche d’Or after he played in a Josephine Baker show when one of Django’s band members came in, in a rush and asked if he could help, because all strings of Django’s guitar were broken. Aleman always had a spare set and gave it to the man: “Here give it to Django and say Bon Soir from me”. Several nights later, Oscar dined in the same restaurant and when he wanted to pay the bill, Django had paid it all to thank him.

part of the El redescubrimiento de Oscar Aleman presentation ( Copenhagen 2005)

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