Friday, May 26, 2006

Blackie & her Boys - the answer

Thanks to Han E. the question about te Blackie & her Boys record seems to be solved.
The recording was made in Buenos Aires 18 Dec. 1934 when Oscar Aleman was not in Buenos Aires but in France.

He tells:

Par F-660 was auctioned on ebay ca 14 May this year. It was said to include Aleman.
I then checked Bruyninckx CD discography, which is copied below. No Aleman shown, but Alberto Barras-g.
Then I checked the Aleman disco, which did not list it and I got the impression that Oscar could not be in Argentina in 1935, and I assumed Aleman's presence was a trick to sell the record. And so I did not send Hans Koert a message about it.

Bruyninckx gives the following information about BLACKIE and het BOYS:

Paloma Efrom (vcl) acc. by Herodiades Mastrovicenzo (tp) Ken Hamilton (p) Emerito Sheppard (g,vln) Eduardo Costa, Roberto Van Hess (vln) Atilio Suva (vcl)
Recorded Buenos Aires, December 18, 1934
8025 Out for no good Od (Arg)
8026 Mood indigo

Blackie and her Boys : Blackie (vcl) Herodiades Mastrovicenzo (tp) Fred Jordan (p) Alberto Barros (g, scat vcl)
Recorded Buenos Aires, July 1935
8177 Unsophisticated Sue Od (Arg)5474
8178 St. James infirmary Od (Arg) 5474 - Parlophone F-660

poss. same or similar pers.
Buenos Aires, October 1935
8283 What about me Par (E)F660
8284 It's an old southern custom -
Buenos Aires, 1936
Moanin' for you (tp out) Par (E)
Vladimiro Alves (tp) Orosino da Souza (cl) Fred Jordan (p) Enrique Vialo (g) Aldo Nicolini (b) … Marinari (d)

Buenos Aires, August 1936
8725 Confessin' Par (E)R2354
8726 Someday sweetheart -
8727 I ain't got nobody (unissued?)

Thank you Han for your research. I hope it answers Ken's question !


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