Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Horacio Salgan

Horacio Salgan, pianist, leader, composer ( 1916) is one of the great Argentine musicians.

I found a brief biography of him: He was born in Buenos Aires. He initiated his professional work as musician at the age of 14 working in the Universal cinema of Devotee Villa (dumb cinema). He played as a piano player and played popular music, alone and in orchestras. He started his first orchestra in 1944, which lasted up to 1947. With this orchestra he discovered Edmundo Rivero who started with him as a professional singer. His second orchestra acted between 1950 and 1957. In 1980 when being fulfilled his 50 years with music, he participated as a piano player and became director of the Orchestra of the Tango of the City of Buenos Aires. In 1957 he allied musically with the guitarist Ubaldo De Li´o. In 1969 he formed a pair of pianos with Dante Amicarelli. He wrote near four hundred musical compositions. He accounts with a vast musical production, that partly still is unpublished. He received national and international prizes. The Secretariat of Culture of the Nation distinguished him as Emérita Personality of Argentinian Culture.

Enjoy some images Waldo Fonseca from Buenos Aires ( Argentina) sent me to share with you.

left to right: Horacio Salgan - Carmen Vallejos, Oscar's wife and Oscar Aleman.

Oscar Aleman and Horacio Salgan are both respected musicians. It inspirated Oscar to write a tango dedicated to the great master of tango, horacio Salgan. It is titled “AL GRAN HORACIO SALGAN ” and to be found in a Redondel album.

Horacio Salgan, Carmen Vallejos y Oscar Alemán, músicos quienes se profesaron mutuo respeto y admiración y a quien Oscar le dedicara el inspiradisimo tango "Al gran Horacio Salgán" que esta incluido en el álbum es "Oscar Alemán en todos los ritmos" editado en Buenos Aires por el sello Redondel.

From left to right: Waldo Fonseca, Horacio Salgan and the bandoneonplayer Alexander Szabo.

Photography taken after one of the presentations of the maestro with the celebrated Real Quinteto.

Fotografía tomada luego de una de las presentaciones del Maestro con el celebrado Quinteto Real. De izquierda a derecha el guitarrista Waldo Fonseca, el Maestro Horacio Salgán , y el bandoneonista Alejandro Szabó.

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