Saturday, July 29, 2006

Unissued Oscar Alemán - Jam Session (1971)

During a meeting of The Alemániacs earlier this month I had the pleasure together with Hans and Theo to enjoy listening to some unissued, private recordings of Oscar Alemán from 1971. These recordings are inserted in the online discography as Jam Session En Una Fiesta Particular (1971).
See online discography here, schroll down to the third entry.
However, the info on tunes played at this session listed in the discography differs from what actually can be heard on the recording. Here is the list of the tunes as I heard on the actual recording:
Oscar Alemán (solo-g)
1 - Yo No Sé -
OA (g); Guillermo Yaconna (g); Alberto "Tito"Mazza (b)
2 - Salón Rosado (Rose Room) -
3 - Qando los Santos Vienen Marchando (When The Saints Go Marching In)
same, but add Carlos Rivero Olazábal (tp); Patricio Coontad (tb)
4 - Alguno de Estas Dias (Some Of These Days)
5 - same (OA, solo cavaquinho)
6 - The Sheik Of Araby (OA plays cavaquinho)
7 - Baby, Won't You Please Come Home (OA, g,voc) (unknown, lead voc)
8 - Avalon (OA, g)


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