Friday, December 28, 2012

Oscar Alemán Solos Never To Be Forgotten!

The editors of the OA blog wish our readers A Happy New Year 2013 and want to share two examples of the reason why our passion for the musical legacy of Oscar Alemán keeps us going on - also in 2013!

- The first uploaded video is a live-recording from a radioperformance at Radio El Mundo, B.A., it was recorded on acetate during one of Alemán's live presentations in the "Ritmos de Juventud" program on L.R.1, c.1955. The tune played is the incomparable cavaquinho solo of 'O.A  1926' - enjoy!

- The second video has the audio of Alemán's magnificent solo performance of Schoenberger's 'Whispering', recoded in Copenhagen, Dec. 5th, 1938 - enjoy!

A Happy New Year/Un feliz año nuevo 2013!

The Alemaniacs

Hans Koert - Jorgen Larsen


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