Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2.do Encuentro de Jazz de Cuerdas "Oscar Alemán" - Some Impressions

Program frontpage 
On October 14th it has been 35 years since Oscar Alemán passed away. To commemorate his legacy and his importance for contemporary fans and followers in Argentina and elsewhere, Hot Club de Boedo organized the 2.do Encuentro de Jazz de Cuerdas de "Oscar Alemán" on September 19th at the Salón José Pallares de la Asociación de Fomento y Biblioteca Popular Gral. Alvear, Buenos Aires. Luis 'Tito' Liber kindly forwarded his impressions from the event including the photos inserted below. The text accompanying the photos is by Luis Liber.
Program inside (click to enlarge)
Last Saturday a great meeting of friends, musicians and audience took place in Buenos Aires. They were gathered to play, listen to and enjoy the music once played by Oscar Alemán in his very particular style. As always, Maestro Waldo Fonseca of Hot Club de Boedo played guitar and directed the show. As highlights we had the pleasure of listening to the Swiss accordionist Olivier Forel, who provided his jazz-mussette touch to the songs, and further Mateo Giarrusso (drums), Mariana Gasloli (bass), Gustavo Villanueva (sax), Claudio Spirito and Héctor Corpus (guitars), Matías Bahillo (trumpet) ... and of course the other well known members of the  Hot Club de Boedo ensemble.
 Oliver Forel and Mateo Giarrusso  with Hot Club de Boedo
All musicians on stage
Hot Club de Boedo and guest musicians in full swing!
In the intermezzos, Tito Liber provided a lecture on what "swing" is all about and further pointed to the El Redescubrimiento de Oscar Alemán project including the Oscar Alemán blogspot on the internet, and Sr.Roman Romano recalled many Alemán anecdotes.
Oliver Forel, Waldo Fonseca and Luis 'Tito' Liber
The end of the show included a 'jam session' featuring all the participating musicians and the audience singing "When the Saints Go Marchin` In" as a bonus.

Congratulation to Waldo Fonseca, Hot Club de Boedo and everyone else who took part in a successfull implementation of the show!

Luis 'Tito' Liber 


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