Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oscar Alemán 2009 - a memorable year

On the last day of 2009, the year we celebrated Oscar Aleman's 100th birthday, we love to share with you a fragment of a concert by Waldo Fonseca y los muchachos de Hot Club de Boedo: Heldo Fonseca, Martín López Goitía, Alejandro de Salvo and Julián Pierangeli dedicated to Oscar Alemán scheduled on the 5th of December, 2009 in the Club del barrio de Mataderos Glorias Argentina, Buenos Aires ( Argentina).

En el Club del barrio de Mataderos Glorias Argentina vemos el recital del grupo de Jazz Hot Club de Boedo, en diciembre de 2009. Al puro estilo de Oscar Aleman.

Hot Club de Boedo

Ricardo Pellican and Juan Manuel Miguez in concert

Jorgelina Alemán with her grand father's guitar.

Love to say thanks to Jorgelina Aleman and Daniel Cossarini; Ricardo Pellican, Juan Manuel Miguez; Jon Larsen; Waldo Fonseca and the members of the Hot Club de Boedo and numerous others, for visiting our Oscar Alemán blog and their efforts sharing the musical heritage of Oscar Alemán during this memorable year.
The Alemaniacs ( Joergen Larsen - Hans Koert )


Blogger Jo said...

Waldo and the boys really make a great 'kick-off', thanks a lot fellows! Keep up the good work maintaining the legacy of OA, we appreciate your efforts and music very much. Let's make 2010 another great year in memory of OA and his contributions to music!
A Happy New Year 2010!

12:41 PM  

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