Friday, May 26, 2006

Blackie & her Boys - question

Ken S. sent me a message that makes us Alemaniacs very excited.

I have a question regarding a record that I was told had Oscar on guitar on it. Can you tell if it is or is not as I cannot find it in my British or American discographies. The record is: BLACKIE & HER BOYS Parlophone F 660. mx # c 8283 and 8178. The little bit of solo work seems like his style but not strong enough to be more certain.


Ken S.

I found few information about Blackie & her Boys like a Parlophone in the New Swing Style Series ( Parl. R 2354) which has a Blackie & her Boys tune on one side ( Confessin', recorded in Argentina). And there seems to exist a recording of Blackie & her Boys recorded in Agentina ca. 1933 that must have been sold on eBay-UK ( although I can't find the item.)

Has someone more info about this record? I hope Ken will send us supplementary information.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Han E. posted his answer at my next Oscar aleman blog spot called < Blackie & her Boys - the answer > ( 26 May 2006)

Thanks Han.

4:36 PM  

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