Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oscar Alemán & Bueno Lobo - Afterword

My relections on the partnership Of Alemán & Lobo posted earlier and now accesable in toto at leave the reader with a feeling of cofusion, as I end up with taking focus away from the actual fate of Lobo after his returning to Brazil. I owe the readers of my article to admit that I have no new info regarding the subject of Lobo's fate. My conclusion that Alemán's comment on Lobo's supposed suicide reflects Oscar's thoughts about Lobo's artistic career as a musician is totatally my own and may be changed by availability of new and actual facts regarding the passing away of Bueno Lobo. Hope this will clear up the intention worked out in the article.


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Grande Oscar. You have to explore Ricardo Pellican' s music . You'll find the link in my blog.

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