Friday, August 18, 2006

Gaston Bueno Lobo

Reconstruction of a 1930 picture of Oscar Alemán in a Dutch garden (2006) ( left)
The original image of Oscar Aleman made around 1930 probably in Jac Pet's garden ( right)

The El Redescubrimiento de Oscar Aleman project brought us a lot of fun and facts about the life and musical heritage of Oscar Alemán. In our
Oscar Aleman blog spot we want to share our investigations about the research. In the mean time, Jørgen has specialized in Choro music, a Brazilian music style Oscar Aleman recorded together with Gaston Bueno Lobo around 1930. During that period Aleman and Lobo travelled through Europe with the Les Loups ( of Los Lobos) duo. During one of these trips Oscar Aleman visited his friend, Jac Pet, guitar player of the Original Ramblers, a well known Dutch jazz orchestra. The picture above ( thanks Ate) was made during that meeting.

Gaston Bueno Lobo returned to Brazil a year later, due to the fact that Oscar got a job at Josephine Baker's Baker Boys in Paris. Some sources say he committed suicide in Brazil, but Jørgen has doubts about that, as he found out that Lobo might have made some recordings late 1930s. He tells about this in his Choro blog spot.

He still has a lot of questions. A new find of records, which might contain Gaston Bueno Lobo, brought a lot of questions.

Maybe you can help him to find the truth !!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

my friends, it's Yves Francois h, I hope all is well (was in a car crash recently). Have you listened to the Victor 78 # 33549 by OS NAMORADOS DA LUA. yes the B side happens to be a composed by Lobo, but the group on the record is clearly him on Hawaiian guitar, excellent, as is the Choro on the A side. I would presume this is old news if you already heard it, if not check it out on the Instituto Moreira Salles website (Pampeira et Lábios Rubros), the band is not the same as either vocal groups with simmilar names (though the one from 1953 on Sinter 249 by Os Namorados is an excellent record featuring on accordion a teenage Joao Donato!), hope this helps, Yves Francois

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