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Oscar Aleman - born 101 years ago

¡ Feliz cumpleaños ! Oscar Alemán

Oscar Alemán ( drawing Gani Jakupi in Le Roi invisible)

On the 20th of February, 1909 Oscar Alemán was born in the small town of Machagui in the republic of Argentinia. Last year this event was celebrated in Argentina and the Oscar Alemán blog dedicated numerous blogs to honor this little "giant" on the guitar.
Love to point you to a less known number of Oscar titled Sonido de Carilion recorded by a group featuring Oscar Alemán on the guitar and cavaquinho, Dario “Johnny” Quaglia, Walter Malosetti and Anibal Fuentes guitars , Jorge González on bass, Norberto Minichillo on drums recorded in Studio 1 in Buenos Aires September - October 1972 and released on the LP album Alemán '72 ( source: Oscar Alemán discography - Hans Koert ( 2004-2010) )

If you love to learn more about Oscar and his musical career you can find some recent blogs below. Enjoy it:

Oscar Alemán (1909-2009) His European Career His Argentine Career Live and Private Recordings Report of a Tribute (Oscar Alemán 100 year)

Mind that most of the blogs, presented above in the English language, might be available too in the Dutch or Spanish language.

The Alemaniacs

Hans Koert - Jørgen Larsen


Blogger Jo said...

Jazz critics with a dis-interest in the actual approach to playing the guitar have generally pointed OA out to be a member of the Gypsy 'Hot Club' style of guitarists, always comparing the style of OA to his contemporary rival, Django Reinhardt. This year, the major jazz communities celebrate the centennial of DR through various spectacular events, however, it's worth correcting the repeated, historical mistake that OA and DR are of the same 'school'. The music played in the video underlines the differences: OA played with his fingers, DR with a pick, that almost says everything from a guitaristic point of view. The piece of music played in the video is OA's rendition of the famous 'Sons de carrilhões' by the originator of Brasilian choro guitar style, João Teixera Guimãres, known as João Pernambuco. The piece is a choro-maxixe and was composed during the late twenties while João were living and performing in Rio de Jainero. - The roots of OA's guitar style is Brasilian, definitely!

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